Child'Space NYC Classes for Babies

Child’space NYC
with Dan Rindler
Certified Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner and music educator,
Unless stated otherwise, all classes are 8 weeks, $275. 
Pre-Crawler I & II are limited to 8 babies.  First time drop-in $35 ($40 after trial) if class is not filled. Pro-rated late registration, space permitting.
Make-ups permitted.

Pre-Crawler I (5 wks – 4 months)
Tuesdays, 12:30 - 1:15, Nov. 28 - Jan. 30 (no classes Dec. 26 & Jan. 2)
Fridays, 1 - 1:45, Dec. 1  - Jan. 26 (no class Dec. 29)

Pre-Crawler II (4 months and up)
Tuesdays, 1:30 - 2:15, Nov. 28 - Jan. 30 (no classes Dec. 26 & Jan. 2)
Fridays, 2 - 2:45, Dec. 1 - Jan. 26 (no class Dec. 29)
Child’Space Method class for pre-crawling babies from 4 weeks and up. In this gentle, joyful class, parents learn techniques of touch and movement to support rolling, reaching, including how to help babies become completely comfortable in tummy- time. These and many other movements are the building blocks for sitting, crawling and walking. Parents learn answers to their questions about their baby's development and also notice other positive changes in their babies after learning Child'Space Method, such as reduction of colic, improved ability to self-soothe, improved sleep and easier feeding. Registration includes "Songs for Child'Space", Dan’s original CD of songs used in class. Please bring a receiving blanket and favorite toy.

Movement Lab!

(Crawl • Cruise • Walk!)
Fridays, 3:15-4:00, Dec. 1 - Jan. 26 (no class Dec. 29)
8 weeks, $275. Limited to 10 babies.
Drop-ins possible (space permitting.)  Call Gumbo to reserve, $40, cash only for drop-ins.
How can parents support their baby in learning to crawl, cruise and walk?  Join us in The Movement Lab to investigate!  Whether or not you have concerns about your baby learning to crawl, cruise or walk, you will learn new ways to touch and move with your baby to support his or her learning. Appropriate for any age baby who is belly crawling and/or beginning to stand or cruise.  Also open to older babies who are late to make any of these milestones.  Each class is a mixture of hands-on demonstration, playful baby games, and great songs too!  Drop-Ins welcome!  1 class can be helpful, but parents with concerns are strongly encouraged to come to at least 3 classes.   

Registration includes "Songs for Child'space", Dan’s original CD.