Recommended Classes for Children

Note:  Ana is offering classes on line.  Email Ana at:  for all details.

with Ana Campos Stephens 

CantaEspañol is a program designed for children from 5 months to 4 years old. Through songs, musical games, dance, puppets, play instruments and movement, your child will be totally engaged in the Spanish language. In addition, these interactive activities will serve to develop self expression and social skills.  Conducted completely in Spanish, the CantaEspañol class will introduce Spanish into your child’s life in a lively and super fun way!  Parents and guardians should come ready to play and participate. Gracias!  

Note: Music for Aardvarks is offering classes at various locations and in parks. 

See their website for all the details!

Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals  
with Jennifer Milich 
For children from birth to 3 years. 
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Come share in the fun at Music for Aardvarks classes! It’s a musical experience for families with children from newborn to four years old. We’ll explore music through song and gesture, dance and movement, rhythm training and instrument play.  AudraRox Inc. classes are limited to a small number of participants to provide a focused, intimate environment where children can enjoy their first circle-time, as they practice structure, sharing, and early social skills. By coming together weekly, we create a community vibe that provides children with the security to explore and learn, and for their caregivers to bond and form friendships as well.  Adults are an important part of the dynamic and encouraged to participate as role models for their children. Original songs like Taxi, City Kid, and Subway (all written by David Weinstone) celebrate the lives of children growing up in the city and provide a positive image to help your kids relate to and celebrate the world around them. Join us as we discover and sing together!

Note: See notice above.
AudraRox Mommy & Me Aardvarks Class
(for babies 18 months and under)
Mommy and Me with AudraRox offers a first music class experience for families with babies ages 18 months and younger.  We offer a more mellow program tailored for our youngest students and their needs.  Babies get so much out of sitting in the lap of either parent/caregiver in the circle, and literally feeling the music around them.  It's been proven (and cited recently in the NY Times) that exposure to music at this young age is largely beneficial for early brain development. Plus, the babies love the music!  Voices, chants, guitar and rhythm sticks, movement and instrument exploration -  all parts of our class help introduce our babies to the many ways to make and enjoy music. In this class we will stress the element of community that is created in our meeting.  This is often the first "circle time" for  baby and parent, and we've seen countless long lasting friendships and communities bond over coming together once an a week with the focus of making music with our babies.  We hope you'll  join us in this very special class!